Part of Paganel Archives - Year 5:

Aims of the project
  • To explore recycling now and in the past
  • To think about why and how people recycle
  • To look at how to read archives for information
  • To develop questions to find out more information about recycling in the past
  • To relate recycling of past to the modern recycling movement

Weekly workshops over half a term. The project began by exploring archive material from Birmingham Archives and Heritage and interviewing residents of Sellywood House (a local residential home) about recycling they did.

The group then created a recycled artwork collage in groups, to represent the stories the research they had done. Parents and the old people from Sellywood House were then invited to visit Paganel, see the archives material they had worked from, listen to editted interviews and parents were interviewed about recycling they used to do and what they do now.

Videos from the presentations

Sound clips from interviews


8th January 9 to 11 introductory workshop at Paganel - Nikki provided archive material around 'make do and mend', Marcus will be presented some of previous work in old people's homes around theme.

15th January at Sellywood 10 to 11, Marcus, Bridget, Sellywood House coffee morning

Walk to Sellywood House (visit historic sailing pond, and pre-historic burnt stones)

22nd Jan 9 to 11 workshop at Paganel

29th Jan 9 to 11 workshop at Paganel

5th February 9 to 11 coffee morning at Paganel, showcase art, archives and project

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