Paganel Archives was launched on 20th March 2012. Theme for the day was 'our faces and places' - a range of activities exploring what an archive can be:

  • To launch Paganel Archives project
  • To develop understanding of archives
  • To celebrate the achievements of our community
  • To reflect and develop project plans

    Please see blog post summarising the day and related material deposited in our archive (see catalogue), timetable outlining the day, comments and photos made by children on Paganel School blog and practitioners comments:


Everyone (teachers, children, parents, visitors) brought something in on the day to be digitised and catalogued for Paganel Archives. The item, document, photo, whatever, must be personal, and must say something about themselves and their school - before 20th March I presented 'my school archive’ to develop ideas.

On the day we have put together a series of taster workshops for each class to explore archives. Workshops half an hour long and mostly involve around 15 children with one teaching staff (each year split into two groups except Nursery and Reception).

Brian Homer, photographer involved in the original ‘Handsworth Self-portrait’ photo project, and also involved in the New Library self-portrait project at the moment, will be working with children in small groups (2 to 5) to take their own photos. Supported by Phillipe and Timm Sonnenshein. Self portrait was part of Northfield Arts Trail.

Emma Ricketts (textile artist) led a game (for years 1 to 6) - children will have pictures pinned to their backs, and by asked questions will attempt to draw what they have on their back (without looking at it!)

Marcus Belben (community art worker) - I used OHP projectors to make head and shoulder lines around everyone's silhouettes directly onto the main hall wall. By the end of the school day we had everyone's silhouette on a giant school portrait across the main hall wall. Reception and Nursery may only be involved in this activity in Hall.

John Hill-Daniel (film maker) explored the journey to school (background from Houses to Homes). The children will be asked about their journey, things they enjoy about it, anything they dislike. We videoed some of them making some of these comments, and these will be added to the background video. We also added sound effects of percussion sounds to the video so that it builds into a spoken song, shown at the end of the day.

Pyn Stockman (drama practitioner) used the pre-prepared audio pieces and photos from Local Heroes, each one relating to a particular quality, as a stimulus for further drama based work. The groups create an action rhyme or spoken word poem that they can perform or which was documented.

Bobbie Gardner worked with children to choose and cut up their favourite sound bytes and use loops to further enhance them creating soundscapes using music tech/puter to do this (7 children at a time)

Mr Philps used Chromebooks to document thoughts on the day and activity to be arranged (7 children at a time). Ms. Butler (Resource Manager) - ran a quiz based on Weoley Castle history (see archives catalogue)

Richard Albutt (Outreach Archive Worker) worked with photos taken around the school and in the immediate outside area, these around the plan and using tapes or arrows indicate were they think they are, possibly also write a note about each of them. Explore maps the school have to look at how modern buildings relate to the old maps, and create a collaborative map of school. (based PPA Room)

Exhibition from 2:30 - Main Hall and one other nearby classroom, all activities and all the archive items brought in by every child.

Children's Comments


Posted on by Year4
In music I have learnt how to play the game “Sally walking down the ally”
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Self Portrait Silhouettes

Posted on by Year6
Today at 1;30 pm Marcus (Our visitor today) helped the children in the whole school mak e their own Silhouette (A shape of their self portrait) Cameron’s Comment: It has been a great day and would sure like Marcus to … Continue reading
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Self Portraits

Posted on by Year6
Marcus explains to year 6 ” today year 6 will be the last class to have their self Portraits”. At this moment year 6 are drawing self portraits on the wicked white wall. This looks fun!!! …. Matthew says “What … Continue reading
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Self Portraites (silhoette)

Posted on by Year6
Marcus is going to have everyone’s portrait done in the school so it will look like a piece of art for the whole school to see. Everybody seems to be having fun by drawing their silhoette and their friends.
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Two Teddy Bears

Posted on by Year4
I have two teddybears. One is called Tinker – she is my first ever teddybear. She is pink. The other bear I don’t have a name for her. She is brown and has pink clothes. I got her for being … Continue reading
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My special car

Posted on by Year4
This is a car my grandad gave me before he passed away. I also have two other ones with this and the reason I chose this because of three reasons. one its cool XD. one its got nice clours =D … Continue reading
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my special item

Posted on by Year4
My special item is a photo of me as a baby with my dad and my mum. Its special because my mum and dad has split up now and I don’t get to see him often. So its very special … Continue reading
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Posted on by Year4
My football is special to me because I won it on one of the machines in the arcade. It was really good because I won it a funny way. It did not fall off but when I walked away it … Continue reading
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My special item

Posted on by Year4
My teddy bear. It is my first baby teddy. It is my favourite teddy baby. I had it from when I was a baby.
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Mrs Butlers Library Quiz

Posted on by Year6
This piece of work is about a quiz of the original Castle By Mrs Butler. How will the Children do in the quiz ? Mrs Butler tells the children to attempt drawing a Castle. The group includes Sophie P,Chloe G, … Continue reading

Teacher and Practitioner's Comments

'I thought it all went well yesterday, a really exciting start to the project. I enjoyed compiling and running the Quiz (I hope you find the completed ones!!).'

'Thanks Marcus - it was GREAT - such energy and excitement. What a lovely school - the most welcoming school I have ever been to. The children really enjoyed the activity I was helping with. The children had a lot of fun drawing the image that was on their back. I supported by helping them to ask questions and encouraging. Also the head teacher mentioned that language was important so I tried to use lots of vocab with them - lots of it ended up being about facial hair and what it was called when it was on different parts of the face! I also spent time chatting to parents at the end about the activity and how we'd done it. I loved that we could directly link many of the drawings to the photo they had been based on...I would really love to be part of more sessions at the school as it is wonderful experience for me in working with adults and children. any tips or advice would be gratefully received.'

'Kids were great at working as a team to select the sound bytes they wished to explore. Kids were good at thinking on their feet, using their imagination to create sounds using body percussion, instruments and materials available in the classroom. Teachers were really supportive, Mr Harwood was really proactive and enthusiastic, was great to have his assistance! Really appreciated the school lunch provided!'

'I was pleased with the response of the children to hearing themselves on the audio. The outcomes and the responses were not what I had imagined when I was planning but they felt very rich. There was some engaging, interesting conversations occuring as the children seated themselves around the long sheets of paper and some really fascinating visual interpretations of the audio that also seemed to be enabling the chidlren to extend their thinking around the subject drawing on personal examples.It emerged that the park is such an important place for them.

It would have been great to have longer especially with year 2 and 3 as there was some really lovely bits of performance beginning to emerge as the session concluded. If I had longer with year 1 I think i would have progressed with the visual side as they were so engaged with that. Finally it was great how the children responded when they came to look at the 'exhibition' at the end - they were so excited to see their work whilst the older children treated the work of the younger ones with genuine interest and respect that was pleasure to witness.'

'My thanks to all the staff for being so open and up for the activities and totally flexible (which I have to say has always been my experience at Paganel)'

'Great to see people again and work with the children. Can you pass on my thanks to years 1,2 and 3 - they were as ever fantastic and it was lovely to watch the older children viewing the work of teh younger ones with such respect and interest.'

Parents/Visitors Comments

Please see comment book in Paganel Archives.