A locally-based resource in Paganel Primary school - our very own Paganel Archives, to be managed and maintained by us for everyone in our school and local community.

We will better represent and develop understanding of our own heritage, celebrating the lives of people from Weoley Castle. Supported by funding from Heritage Lottery Fund, we will work over the next two years to create a community archive that preserves and makes accessible our unique heritage, improving both accessibility and ownership, while providing a unique and valuable national heritage asset.

This project places oral history centre stage, through conversations, visits, events and other activities with children and adults, we will document, catalogue and reference to other existing heritage sources.

We will leave a lasting legacy in our own school, to be built upon and developed by children in the future. Our Archives will continue to stimulate interest in our history as a growing resource representing our lives, and in the valuable work of conserving our heritage, through our own eyes, for generations to come.

Key Aims:

- Explore Paganel Primary School and Weoley Castle Estate's history from when they were built in the 1930s to present day.
- Development of heritage skills and expertise within the school and the community.
- Increase understanding and pride in our local area, promoting self-awareness and self-confidence.
- Promote cross-community and intergenerational awareness, understanding and participation in our heritage.
- To enable pupils and parents to make a signficant contribution to present-day and future heritage learning and research.

Design and build an archive

Launch of Paganel Archives

Make do and mend

Paganel Archives Catalogue

Visit to the Crescent Theatre